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spiral mixers Spiral Mixer
"Pritul's Spiral Mixers (Bakery Mixers)available in various sizes accourding to mixing capacities"
Spiral Mixers|| Bakery Mixers
Spiral Mixer SPM-90

As the name it gives more volume to mixed product or dough.
Pritul's Industrial spiral mixture is used to mix all raw materials like wheat, oil, water etc. Firstly spring rotates slowly untill wheat absorbs water properly and after that it rotates at its high speed while bowl rotates at its constant speed always. Also the rotation of spring and bowl depends on time, you set down according to raw material, as the time out they stop rotating and the mixed product is ready to come out.
It is a fixed bowl spiral mixer available in various sizes for various weight of dough. The machine is equipped with two motors, Blade Shaft, Safely Grids, and Two Speeds. This type of machine is perfect for bakeries and pastry shops, reducing work time.

Spiral Mixer SPM-60
Spiral Mixer SPM-30
Spiral Mixer SPM-15
Model >
SPM 15 SPM 30 SPM 60 SPM 90
Dough Capacity (Kg.)
25 50 100 150
Flour Capacity (Kg.)
15 30 60 120
Moter Power (HP)
3 5 10 15


  • Slow & High Speed of Rotation
    Total S.S. Heavy Duty Bowl
    Rotating Spiral Rod
  • User Handily
    Easily Operative Control Panel
    Automatic Time Setting
"Full return of your investment"


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